Debt Syndication

UPRAISE Finserv raises term loans, subordinated debt and working capital facilities from a diverse set of local and international debt investors, including commercial banks, international development banks, boutique debt funds and private investors. We offer tailored facilities that best suits the client needs.

Machine Term Loan

Machinery loan is considered a type of business loan that helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and other business entities in acquiring finance to buy machinery/equipment for various business purposes. Loan for machinery purchase helps business entities in gaining more productivity while using new equipment and machinery. Increase in production or output results in higher profits from sales and distribution.

Working Credit

Businesses need regular cash inflows to take care of their day-to-day operations. If the working capital requirements are not properly met for a business, it could severely affect its smooth business operations. Cash credit loans, or working capital loans, are developed to take care of these business requirements. The business may use these funds for any kind of operational expenses including raw material procurement, overhead costs, debt settlement, inventory costs, etc.

Real Estate Finance

The real estate developers require constant flow of funds for various construction-related work at different stages of project to ensure timely completion of projects.

Construction Finance loan is an offering designed to meet this requirement of real estate developers across the life cycle of their proposed or ongoing construction projects against the project sales receivables. We offer services like raising Construction Finance, Refinance, Inventory Funding Lease Rental Discounting and Commercial Leasing too.

  • Optimum moratorium period on the basis stage of construction and estimated completion date
  • Optimum moratorium period on the basis stage of construction and estimated completion date
  • Flexible repayment option through escrow mechanism with structured repayment options, as customized structure including ballooning repayments with high degree of certainty of project completion

Acquisition Funding

Acquisition finance refers to the different sources of capital that are used to fund a merger or acquisition. This is usually a complex mission requiring thorough planning, since acquisition finance structures often require a lot of variations and combinations, unlike most other purchases. Moreover, acquisition financing is seldom procured from one source. With various alternatives available to finance an acquisition, the challenging part is getting the appropriate mix of financing that offers the lowest cost of capital.